1. Mr. O’Brien kept me informed

    Despite my difficult circumstances, Mr. O’Brien studied my case, and drafted a concise strategy to win the outcome that I was hoping for.He kept me informed, walked me through the necessary steps to comply with the legal process, and clearly explained what my responsibilities are after my trial.  …Read More

  2. I would definitely hire Mr. Wood again

    I am glad that I hired Andrew Wood to represent me in my family court dispute.  After me and my girlfriend broke up, I hired Mr. Wood to represent me in family court.  We were in family court over custody of our daughter and child support.  While the experience was paneful in many ways, Mr. Wood provided me with an understanding of the process and fought hard to make sure that my I got to see m…Read More

  3. I feel that Kevin did an outstanding job

    I feel that Kevin did an outstanding job. I feel that my team did a great job. I would like to thank all the efforts of all the people involved. I am very hopeful that things will all work out in the end. Not every project/case is the same or easily explained/solved through our current legal system. Thank you again for listening and helping me though some pretty rough times  …Read More

  4. Having Kevin as an attorney was a total win!

    Kevin is very experienced, and very motivated. My case dragged on for over a year and a half (due to the Judge, and prosecutor). The entire time kevin remained confident, and motivated to get my case dismissed. We stood our ground and would not accept anything but a dismissal. He did not give up, or accept any reduced charges. When Kevin was in front of the judge, jurors, and prosecutor, he was so…Read More

  5. I would recommend him to anyone in need of his services!

    Kevin, has good representation skills, and thinks great on his feet. Always looking for a positive outcome and very personable. He’s right there thinking outside the box at all times, always top of his game! I would recommend him to anyone in need of his services!  …Read More

  6. Mr. Wood always took the time to really listen to my questions and concerns

    Mr. Wood’s sound legal advice and professional guidance during my very difficult divorce process was invaluable.  Mr. Wood always took the time to really listen to my questions and concerns, and consistently provided me with straightforward answers and useful information.  Mr. Wood guided me through every step of the divorce process with patience and understanding, and made the process much mo…Read More

  7. Thank you Mr. O’Brien for your help, loyalty, professionalism and support.

    This young man whom I was lucky enough to have represent me is, the true definition of what “a lawyer” and “real person” is about. From the first time we spoke, Mr. O’Brien was always there and went above and beyond to help my family and I get our lives back on track after a very unjust and unnecessary incident. If you hire someone to remodel your home you would want the “best” defin…Read More