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Kevin O’Brien has always been passionate about criminal defense and representing the underdog. It is his strong belief that criminal defense lawyers have to be better and more skilled than their prosecutor adversaries. He knows that when his clients are accused of a crime, they aren’t just facing the assistant district attorney who is prosecuting the case for the government, but the resources of the entire government, including police, investigators, crime labs, other governmental agencies, etc. While his clients will not be able to match the resources that the government has at its disposal to prosecute the case, he believes that his passion, skill, and dedication to justice gives his clients the best shot at defending their case. When Kevin takes on a case for a client, he does not believe in excuses – he adopts the clients’ goals and works tirelessly to accomplish them.

Kevin grew up with his friend and law partner in Walton, NY. He knew from an early age that he wanted to be a lawyer so that he could help people who needed him. After graduating from high school, Kevin went to Binghamton University, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science. Kevin then moved to Albany, NY, where he attended Albany Law School. He has remained in the Capital District since attending Albany Law but has practiced throughout the state of New York.

His passion has always been in defending citizens who have been accused by the government of a crime. Kevin believes religiously in a defendant’s right to a great defense and within a year of graduation from Albany Law he was working as a defense attorney, primarily defending people accused of DWI. As much as he wanted to defend citizens, Kevin knew that he needed real experience in a courtroom before clients would trust him to handle their cases all the way through trial. He became a prosecutor for the Ulster County District Attorney’s office in 2007, where he worked until 2010. During his time as a prosecutor, Kevin focused on prosecuting gang, drug, and gun cases. He handled dozens of misdemeanor and felony trials while working at the DA’s office. After gaining this experience, Kevin knew that it was time to go back to his passion of defending people accused of crimes.

Kevin joined the law firm of Anelli Xavier in 2010, where he worked until July of 2016. While at Anelli Xavier, Kevin handled hundreds of cases and was responsible for each aspect of the case. He had great success defending his client in a unique way that appealed to common sense and a genuine belief that frequently his clients were wrongly charged or over charged. He was able to get great dispositions for his clients through negotiations as well as litigation. His trial successes were many and ranged from somewhat common misdemeanors, to serious felonies, including Vehicular manslaughters, Criminally Negligent homicides and more.

Kevin became a partner at Anelli Xavier in early 2016 where he was responsible for overseeing the entire criminal/dwi defense product at each of the firm’s three offices. While he could have continued on this path, he chose to leave and start a firm with Andrew Wood. At O’Brien Wood, Kevin brings the experience of taking more than 50 cases to verdict in front of juries, his experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney, and his genuine passion for helping people who are in the precarious position of being accused of a crime.

Kevin hopes that at O’Brien Wood, he and Andrew will be able to use their joint experiences and skills to help all of the firm’s clients. If you have a problem that you would like him to help you with, he would be happy to sit down and talk with you at your convenience.

Let our trusted attorneys provide you with the support that you need for an incredible case. Contact us today and we’ll schedule your consultation. Whether it be for a criminal case or a DWI, Kevin can provide you with the best protection around!